TransformSMLogoCanadaWelcome to the New and Improved Transform Canada Website! Transform Student Ministries exists because we believe that the Word of God makes all the difference. More than any other Words in existence, God’s Words have the power and mercy to transform us from the inside out. It’s the gospel. And it’s for students. No watering down, talking down or putting down; everything we do is to guide and love students by teaching them how to study the Scriptures for themselves using the inductive Bible study method.

How do we do this? Transform Student Ministries is a department of Precept Ministries Canada, a non-denominational organization with one mission: to establish people in God’s Word. Precept actually started up as a student ministry in the 1970s in Chattanooga TN, teaching the unfiltered truth of the Bible through the inductive Bible study method. Since then, it has crossed oceans and borders into over 180 countries, so that the Word of God is both accessible and approachable for everyday life around the globe.

Transform Canada is a discipleship ministry that challenges students to not only live for the glory of God but to also fulfil the Great Commission.  We offer student conferences, intense boot camp training programs and a summer internship with the purpose of preparing students to view the world through a biblical lens and make sound choices in life based on how God has called us to live in His Word. 

For more information on how you can partner with us in training, attending a student conference or our other programs please Contact Us


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