A Summer to Remember

This summer I was the Child and Youth Summer Intern at Precept Ministries. The beginning of my summer was primarily spent planning for our Vacation Bible School which I ran in July. I chose to work through the God’s Amazing Creation D4Y book and I loved teaching the kids and it was encouraging to see how much they were learning through the inductive study method. Teaching the kids about creation also made me even more in awe of God as our Creator. It’s incredible to think that in addition to creating the universe, He created each of us. Thinking about this challenges me to strive to live completely for God, to glorify Him in every action, every moment and every decision I make. Running the VBS not only taught me practical skills about planning, budgeting, recruiting and organizing volunteers and teaching, but also challenged me personally in my walk with God.

Throughout the summer we studied 2 Peter as a staff. Peter talks about growing in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ, and throughout the whole study I was reminded of how important it is to know the Word of God. Studying the Bible inductively with the Precept Upon Precept books always reminds me of how important it is to slow down when we are reading the Bible and really dig into what we are reading, and I am always amazed at how much I get out of the Scriptures when I study this way.

dsc_0120_smallI also took part in various workshops throughout the summer about studying and leading Precept Upon Precept studies, as well as worked through two books, Transformational Discipleship and The Lost Art of Disciple Making. From those books I created a plan for discipleship that I could use in the future with 40 Minute studies, which was a practical assignment that left me feeling equipped to disciple someone.

Overall, I learned so much this summer and I would recommend this internship to anyone. I grew deeper in my relationship with God, I learned the value of studying the Bible inductively, and I learned many practical skills from planning and running the VBS. What I learned is applicable in many ways, from teaching children to my own personal walk with God and I look forward to using what I have learned as I move on to school and a new job.

– Child & Youth Summer Intern

This summer I had the honour of working with Precept Ministries International as the Social Media Intern. My job was to create pictures and promotional videos for Precept as well as control our social media pages like Facebook, Instagram and twitter (Ps. if you are reading this you should definitely go follow one of those).

During the first two weeks of my internship I worked together with Samantha, the Child and Youth summer intern, to help plan our VBS on God’s Amazing Creation. This was exciting and I had a lot of fun working with the kids and watching them grow in God’s Word. By working at Precept I was able to be submerged in God’s Word daily. I would put in my earphones and work for hours on videos and pictures while I played worship music in the background. My mind was constantly meditating on His Word or just peacefully thinking of the music I had been listening to. I count it a privilege to have been an intern at Precept Ministries International.

dsc_0146_smallAt the beginning of the summer I had no idea where I would be attending school in the fall because the plans that I had created for my future career were not going as I planned. I found myself confused and without answers. Before my internship I was afraid because I seemed to care more about succeeding according to the world’s standards then focusing on the fact that God’s plan is much bigger than mine! By being submerged into the Word of God almost everyday these things became clear to me. I do not feel afraid anymore, and that, by God’s grace, shows me progress.

Working here for the summer grew my faith. I applied to a different program for school and within one week I was accepted. I learned that God had heard my prayers. He knows the desires of my heart because He gave me those desires. He knows that it is hard when I can’t see the big picture, but He wants me to trust Him. I think that we are so human sometimes that we feel we need to have it all planned out and have all the answers because of the pressure of people all around us. So now, for the rest of my waiting season I have learned to be still, to let Him take the wheel and as hard as it is for me I need to sit back and enjoy the ride because His plan for me is AMAZING guaranteed!

– Social Media Intern

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