About Us

An international ministry with training in more than 120 countries and study materials translated into more than 65 languages began as a student outreach…In Tennessee…in a chicken barn. Jack and Kay Arthur had the vision to reach young people with the only thing that would really make a difference—the Bible.

Today, Precept Ministries International teaches the whole counsel of God through the Inductive Study Method to millions of people each day via global television and through Precept study groups around the world.

TransformSMLogoCanadaTransform Student Ministries is an equipping outreach of Precept Ministries International.

We exist to fulfill Precept’s mission and vision to each new generation:
To establish people in God’s Word.

If you want to partner with Precept Ministries International and Transform Canada so that more Canadians can have a closer relationship with the Lord and disciple others to do likewise, you can help in these tangible ways:

  1. Pray. Nothing we do is accomplished apart from the intervention of our Heavenly Father.
  2. Study the Bible inductively and disciple others to do likewise. Through the inductive study method you will develop a deeper and closer walk with the Lord.
  3. Give. While a large portion of our support comes through the tent-making nature of our book sales, reaching Canadians across this vast country cannot be done with the funds from that alone. If you wish to support Precept Ministries through a charitable donation.

To make a donation on-line, please click here.
All gifts are receipted officially for income tax.

Precept Ministries is a member of the Canadian Council of Christian Charities (CCRA).

Information on Precept Ministries and Charitable Giving in Canada can be found at the CCRA website.