Disciple Now

The Transform Canada Student Ministry at Precept Ministries International would be honoured to partner with you in the discipleship of… wherever you are!

We are an equipping ministry, and we’re here to help.

You can come to our location in Brantford ON, but you don’t have to.  We’ll come to you!!! Have a Transform staff member or representative speak at your local church, camp, school, Disciple Now, or other Christian event.

Speaking Engagements– Transform Canada Student Ministries can send a staff member or representative to speak at your youth group, youth event, or retreat.

Inductive Bible Study Training– Do you want to get your students and/or ministry staff studying the Word for themselves? Inductive Bible Study trainings are designed specifically with you in mind! This training will introduce your group to the basic components of inductive study and will give your group hands-on experience in how to apply this method.

For Leaders: Leadership training will teach your ministry staff (both volunteer and paid) to the basic components of inductive Bible study. Your leaders will be able to build more effective discussions for Sunday school lessons or small group Bible studies straight from the Word of God. You will learn hands-on as you observe, interpret, and apply a passage of Scripture.

For Students: Inductive Bible Study Training for your students will not only teach them how to handle Scripture accurately, it will also give them the tools they need for an effective quiet time. It has been awesome for our staff to see countless students’ lives transformed by God as they grow closer to Him through the study of His Word.

Disciple Now—Need an engaging and dynamic speaker for your Disciple Now weekend? Transform’s staff will come to you and deliver biblically-based teaching for your Disciple Now weekend. Our speakers will use your own material or Transform’s Weekend Series a complete conference/weekend kit that will lead your students into Inductive Bible Study on relevant topics for their generation.

If you are interested in any of these options please email transform@preceptministries.ca to request more information.