Student Ministries

Up and down. In and out. My tribe, your tribe. Students live lives of transition and change. Physiological, emotional, relational, societal. What is their anchor?

What will keep that good kid in your youth group from falling out and becoming another statistic? How does anyone know which way is up?

GOD’S WORD WORKS – Events and entertainment draw crowds but it doesn’t change lives. Meeting with God does. Give your students something eternal. The Bible in the power of the Spirit is God’s means for life change.

DISCIPLESHIP IS THE DIFFERENCE – Fun creates an easy entree into a church environment, but when it’s over leaving is just as easy. We’re impacted by Christ when we’ve committed ourselves to His values. That’s becoming a disciple.

I.S.M CONNECTS STUDENTS TO CHRIST – The Inductive Study Method gets students into the Bible for themselves everyday. For the believer, personal time in the Word is personal time with Christ