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Did you know?
82% of high school teens claim to be Christians yet, only 25% of them claim to be committed to the Christian Faith

Youth Ministry is not just about the entertainment, events, and the fun. It is about transforming the lives of young people. As leaders we are called to make disciples and lead our young people to Discover the Truth in God’s word. Take your group deeper into the word with Tranform’s powerful method and discipleship resources.

Transform Canada is available to do training. Students will learn how to study the Bible using Precept Ministries Simple Method of Inductive Bible Study as well as how to lead a small group or disciple their friends one on one.

We also offer training in Witnessing and Finding your Place of Service. For more details on setting up a training session click here

WHAT FAITH? 50% of first year evangelical college students will forsake their faith by their senior year of college.

WHAT IS TRUTH? 83% of students maintain that moral truth depends on circumstances

UNDER THE POWER OF CHANGING INFLUENCE… 47% of teens say their parents have the greatest influence on their spiritual development